Grieving A Pet Loss – 3 Tips To Assist You In The Grieving Process

Losing a pet can be a heartbreaking experience. For those of us who share their life with a beloved pet, grieving a pet loss can be very agonizing. You may notice physical symptoms such as having a poor appetite, difficulty sleeping, or little energy.

If you had a strong, emotional relationship with your pet, your feelings of hurt may startle you. For those who have deeply cared for their pet, the loss can seem every bit as overwhelming as the death of a human. When you consider that a pet can give you unconditional love and friendship, does not judge you, and provides dedicated affection, it becomes easier to understand why the loss can be so deep.

By taking a look at how you have dealt with other losses in your life, you will be able to draw strength at getting through this one as well. The following three tips may assist you in the grieving process:

1) When you have suffered a loss in the past, how did you cope with it – did you isolate yourself from others, yell, cry, seek comfort from a close friend or relative?

2) What knowledge did you gain from your previous losses that can help you now – did you learn how to minimize the agony somehow, discover better ways to cope, reduce the time it took to get back on your feet?

3) In working through your present grief, what kind of support would be helpful – talking your feelings out, immersing yourself in a physical activity or hobby, replacing your loss with another pet?

Grieving a pet loss and feeling depressed is normal. It is important to take time to feel the loss and then discover the best way for you to be able to move ahead with your life.

Deborah A. is an animal lover with a special interest in helping others cope after the loss of a pet. Are you trying to move past the grief of your pet’s death? CLICK HERE or go to: to get more tips and relief in coping with your pet loss.

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