Funeral Program Site Template Company Adds Pet Memorial Product Line To Online Superstore

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

It’s no surprise that pets can easily become a part of a family unit. In fact, in some ways, people have pets to keep them company or if there are no children in the household. Having a pet has been proven to aid in lower high blood pressure and stress. Since there are 1 in 5 households that have a pet for various reasons, losing a pet by death can cause just as much grieving as that of a human family member. After all, many people do refer to their pet as part of the family.

When a pet dies, families can go through the same type of ritual or emotional feelings as a human. Today, many are even planning funeral services for their beloved four legged friend. The Funeral Program Site is a company with a similar vision and has launched a complete line of pet memorials specifically geared for the loss of a pet. The most popular of this line is the pet memorial cards. These keepsakes are very similar to that of a prayer card.

There are two presentations available and can be purchased for immediate download from the company’s online superstore. Pet memorial cards can be laminated if preferred and have been a popular choice for grieving pet owners. The Funeral Program Site is a company of integrity and a valuable resource for families across the globe. The success and growth of the company is evident in the product line and designs of funeral related templates. Measuring a company’s growth can be told by the quality and repeat business, even though the company’s website may not rank number 1 in google’s search engine result pages. This company appears to have done an effective job in online branding and marketing.

Aside from the pet memorial products currently added, the company’s website features many keepsakes in the way of funeral programs, prayer cards, memorial bookmarks, plantable memorials, and gifts. The store caters to mainly bereaved families, funeral homes, churches, and small businesses.

“We are proud to bring a complete line of memorial products to our visitors. Our online store stock continues to grow daily and has been considered to be a one-stop memorial superstore”, shares Carole Galassi, CEO and founder of The Funeral Program Site.

The pet memorial line is just one of the many items a family or business can purchase from the industry leader in memorial stationary and product’s superstore. The company’s mantra is “We are large enough to serve you and small enough to care” is representative of the quality customer service each caller receives.

All of the templates are downloadable to a Windows or MAC computer and is compatible with various types of software, most already installed on a home computer. The templates can be prepared by the buyer or opt to use the full service customization and printing from The Funeral Program Site. The important point is that the buyer has a choice and is not locked into purchasing the printing from the company but rather can print it on a home printer or take it to a local office supply store.

“I have seen the competing sites out there and they are just not comparable in quality and design with The Funeral Program Site. In fact, you can tell they try and copy the style and business model, but in my opinion, don’t even come close”, says Verna Smith of San Antonio, Texas.

To visit and find out more information about this successful online company that many have tried to replicate, check out the online superstore available every day of the year. Other related websites for this company are The Wedding Program Site, The Quinceanera Site, and Your Baby Site.

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