Backyard Hole Burials No Longer The Norm, Pet Urns Are In

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2009

People regard their pets as family members, and are now opting for the same type of burial services available for people, such as pet urns, pet caskets, and pet keepsakes.

Loss of a pet to natural causes is one of the most difficult things pet owners can go through, so just imagine if those owners have to make the decision to put down their pet who is suffering or terminal. Either way the trauma can be devastating and beyond their control.

What is in their control is how they choose to memorialize the remains of their pet. Burial and cremation are the most popular ways today to create a lifetime pet memorial.

Beloved best friends dot com ( is a new website that specializes in over 200 unique pet urns and pet burial products. They are family owned and operated and are pet loss sufferers themselves, so they understand the needs of others experiencing the loss of a family member.

The backyard burial has been transformed into a pet casket and a pet headstone. There are now 1000’s of pet cemeteries available. The most popular option today is pet cremation.Pet cremation allows the pet owner to place the remains of their precious pet in a pet urn for a pet memorial display that will last a lifetime.

There are warm cuddling urns like teddy bears, but in the form of dogs and cats that seal in a precious pet’s remains so the owner can sleep with or just cuddle with their lost loved one. Beloved Best Friends also provides pet keepsake jewelry that holds a small amount of their loved one’s ashes so they can keep them close to their heart at all times.

Beloved Best Friend’s website ( has a large selection of hundreds of unique pet urns, custom pet headstones, and pet keepsake jewelry just right for any pet owners’ ” Beloved Best Friend “.

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