Animal Lover Heals Grieving Hearts with Creation of Sentimental, Interactive Blog

Idaho Falls, ID (PRWEB) November 12, 2009

“You left hoof prints on our hearts;” this simple, yet lasting, message is inscribed on a laser-etched Headstone of The Sundance Kid, a recently deceased horse. The beautiful headstone – also clad with a sentimental passage and a life-to-death timeline – serves as a tribute to a beloved companion, pet and friend.

This memorial is perched near the desk of Janean Blackburn, owner of The Sundance Kid, who developed This online business was created to provide a place of comfort for those who are suffering from the loss of a pet. Here they can browse through a variety of options to respectfully mourn their death while honoring the memory of their life.

Blackburn’s Web site also provides numerous ways to place an animal’s remains at rest. Pet caskets are available in a variety of sizes (small to large) and styles, like ivory or mahogany, and all come lined with billowy bedding. If cremation is the desired route, a vast assortment of pet urns allows shoppers to find the best decorative or personalized container to cherish the animal’s ashes. From classic structures, offered in a variety of colors, to woodened boxes, ideal for pictures and inscriptions, Blackburn’s selection is sure to satisfy the needs of each customer.

A variety of non-traditional urns provide alternative avenues for shoppers to remember their pet. Urns cast in stone, which serve as a decorative highlight to any garden or yard, are available in fun shapes like a fire hydrant or paw. Customers may also choose to keep their pet’s remains close to their heart by selecting a keepsake jewelry urn, which is available in many shapes and styles.

In addition to caskets and urns, a variety of decorative memorials are a personal way to honor an animal. Rare, Absolute Black Granite headstones (great for a yard or cemetery) and black marble mantle memorials (perfect for any indoor display) are two options that allow personalized inscriptions as well as a lasered-on photo of the animal. Portraits and oil paintings are another way to display the endless love of a pet.

Blackburn has also created an accessory to compliment her selection of memorials. Custom embroidered bandanas stitched with the animal’s name and birth date, or even a paw print, add an extra touch of love when tied around a pet urn or headstone. She has even developed a list of more than 100 things a dog might say that can also be stitched on a bandana in memory of a pooch or a living four-legged sibling. These handcrafted items will be available for purchase in the near future.

Shoppers are encouraged to visit the Web site’s blog,, to learn about a variety of ways to work through the grieving process. This interactive tool will provide information about online grief seminars, books and hotlines all dedicated to helping people through their grievances. Here, customers can also read about how to properly care for an elderly or aging dog and keep them comfortable in the twilight years of their life. Suggestions for herbal supplements to keep elderly pets comfortable will also be offered.

Blackburn assures that her company is not just a business, but is also a service that’s dedicated to healing the hearts of those who have experienced a loss. She has consoled many grief-stricken clients and offers the same comfort and support to new shoppers. Her emphasis that grieving is a natural and necessary step in dealing with the death of a beloved pet is apparent in her welcoming of customer tribute posts on her blog.

“Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole,” she quotes.

About the Company: is owned and operated by animal lover Janean Blackburn.

Janean Blackburn

(208) 403-5992

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